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How Rex conquered his seizures

Dog epilepsy can be very cruel. As a pet owner, it can be devastating having to watch your beloved pet suffer epileptic seizures, and not be in a position to do anything to help it. This is what happened to my owner, Sean, too Most pet owners are not aware that seizures are not confined to human beings. Nonetheless, evidence shows that close to 5% of all dogs suffer from dog seizures.

Over the years, a number of cures have been recommended, in a bid to pursue optimal performance against dog epileptic seizures. However, an innovative approach involving the use of CBD oil against seizures has recently been adopted. CBD can be described as therapeutic cannabis, which contains properties that make it ideal for dealing with dog seizures.

CBD Oil—What Is It?

CBD is an abbreviation of Cannabidiol—a very powerful extract. Its oil, an essential oil, contains all the therapeutic properties associated with cannabis. The oil has for years been used on human beings to assist in treating various medical conditions, such as seizures, Parkinson’s disease, psychiatric issues, different kinds of cancer, insomnia, and stress. Although advanced research is required, the results recorded so far have been very promising.

CBD Oil for Dogs—Why Use It in Treating Seizures?

Many pet owners are still skeptical about using CBD oil against seizures. Some are totally opposed to the idea of administering this oil to their dogs. On the other hand, there exist various reasons why you should administer this remedy to your companion. Take into consideration that the oil is 100 percent natural, and therefore quite healthy for the pet. Additionally, CBD oil for dogs is a vegan option that does not contain any ambiguous substances such as unwanted chemicals.

Another reason why you should use this oil is its simplicity. The CBD oil can be orally administered to your pet without encountering any issues. Furthermore, this oil is not psychotropic in any way. Some pet owners may believe that this is not true because of its association with the marijuana plant.

It must, however, be stressed that the oil does not come with any side effects that you should be worried about. Although CBD oil against seizures can be beneficial for very many other pet issues, there are no warnings that are associated with its use.

Different Kinds of Dog Epilepsy and Seizures

Dogs do not have a single type of seizures. Depending on the duration and severity of the incidents, the seizures can be categorized into:

  • Symptomatic epilepsy—it is associated with brain damage or lesions in structure
  • Idiopathic epilepsy—it is not in any way harmful to the dog’s brain
  • Constant seizures
  • Cluster seizures—they exceed more than one incident per day

Causes of Dog Seizures

If you have an interest in learning about dog seizures, it is recommended that you consider looking at a number of options. There are very many dog seizures to learn about. For instance, there could be some kind of kidney disease or dog trauma. Anemia, diabetes, and electrolytes deficiency have also been known to trigger dog epileptic seizures.

Encephalitis and brain cancer are some of the most severe causes of canine cancer, together with strokes, and poison consumption. It is advised that you seek the assistance of a vet immediately you notice any symptoms of a seizure or strange behavior demonstrated by your pet.

How Are Canine Seizures Treated Using CBD Oil?

Multiple health benefits can be derived from using CBD oil against seizures. The oil can reportedly reduce pain, and reduce inflammation or swelling. Upon ingestion, your dog is likely to become more relaxed, allowing it to enjoy quality sleep, devoid of any anxiety attacks.

The treatment of epilepsy and seizures tops the list of benefits that are associated with the use of CBD oil for dogs. Apart from reducing the stress and anxiety that accompanies dog seizures, the oil can also aid in lowering neuron activity. Considering that cannabinoid receptors are already present in the nervous systems of both canines and humans, then you will begin to realize that this oil can be quite effective.

The antioxidant properties present in CBD oil are its fundamental features. These properties can be of great assistance to your pet when it is experiencing a seizure. The antioxidant properties will attack the free radicals, which are known to produce oxidative stress leading to a deterioration of the nervous system. You can now see why it is important for you to incorporate CBD oil against seizures as part of the treatment strategy.

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CBD Oil For Pets : Things You Need To Know

While the cannabis industry keeps growing exponentially, a new category of cannabis products is doing the rounds in the market : cannabidiol hemp oil or as it is more commonly called CBD hemp oil. CBD, also known as cannabinoids, are one the non- psychoactive compounds present in the cannabis plant. The oil extracted from this compounds are known as CBD oil. It is extracted from hemp or the non psychoactive compounds of a cannabis plant.

CBD Oil: Is it beneficial for pets?

As cannabis is commonly known for its high which is caused by the compound called THC, the benefits of the other compounds present in the plant often gets ignored. CBD oil is already known for its uses and benefits among humans. As humans and animals such as horses, cats and dogs have the same sort of endocannabinoid system, CBD oil affects these animals in a positive way. For people wondering about endocannabinoid system, it is a system that comprises of several diverse receptors which affect mood swings, stress, fear, hunger etc.

CBD oil is helpful for both long term chronic disorders as well as simple seasonal sickness in pets. CBD oil is also great for treating injuries and strains in animals.

The long term problems that are generally treated with CBD oil in animals are acute arthritis, diabetes, cancer, organ disorder. According to recent studies, CBD oil can even be used for treating problems caused by stress such as aggression, loss of appetite etc in dogs.

CBD oil can also be very useful in treating recurring diseases like stomach disorders, fevers, seizures etc. Let us discuss a few common disorders in pets for which CBD oil can be used.

  1. Inflammatory Bowel Disease : As CBD contains antibiotic properties like Staphylococcus Aureus it can be used to restore liver motility when a dog is suffering from inflammatory bowel disease.

  2. Seizures & Epilepsy : Relatively a large number of pets specially dogs suffer from seizures and epilepsy. Though there are conventional medicines present in the market that are quite popular, they are fatal for your pet’s liver and other organs. The only alternative is CBD oil which is proven to work in case of seizures and epilepsy among pets.

  3. Cancer : Cancer is a very dangerous condition in animals. Studies have shown that CBD contain elements which have anti-tumor characteristics. CBD oil works by strengthening the immunity systems of the pets.

Although CBD oil is not directly used in treating injuries and sprains, it is used to control mood swings. The use of CBD oil is common in the treatment of torn ligaments, bone fractures in pets. It is also used to reduce or control swelling in animals.

Apart from the multiple direct benefits that CBD oil provide, it also reduces the dependence of pets on conventional medicines. As CBD oil or hemp oil is completely devoid of side effects, it is advisable to use it over conventional medicines.

Is the effect immediate?

Though CBD oil can be compared to other herbal medicines available in the market, its effects are much quicker when compared to other herbal pharmaceutical products. While the effects are slower than conventional medicines it is much quicker than other herbal products..

One can expect CBD oil to provide relief to his or her pets immediately but might have to be patient in case of an inflammation or any other serious disorder.

How safe is CBD oil for pets?

CBD oil is completely free of any long term or temporary side effects. The product is extracted out of the non psychoactive compounds of the cannabis plant. Most pet owners struggle with question, â€is cbd oil healthy for pets? How can it be healthy if it is extracted from a cannabis plant?’ The foremost thing that you need to keep in mind as a pet owner is the fact that CBD is not THC. Though both CBD and THC come from the same source, they are completely different in the way they function. While THC is responsible for the relaxation of nerves and release of dopamine, CBD strengthen the immune system. The THC content of Marijuana is fifteen to twenty percent whereas in hemp it is a mere 0.4 percent.

CBD oil: Is is legal?

As the THC content in hemp plants is minimal, most states in the United States Of America and over forty countries have approved the use of hemp based products like CBD oil on pets and have made it completely legal.

Where can you find it?

CBD products for pets such as CBD oil is easily available in reputed pet shops all over the globe. CBD oil for pets can even be purchased from online pet shops and platforms. Any such platforms can be used to get the product you are looking for.

CBD oil is pound in various forms like tablets, syrups, cbd oil dog treats, cbd oil pet treats etc. With so many varieties available it becomes very easy for owners to use them. Owners can choose the right product for their pet and the ones the pets would be comfortable with.